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Fort Knox Recordings presents the debut album, “One World Sovereignty” from Nappy Riddem.

Drawing on a wealth of experiences and numerous global influences, Rex Riddem and Mustafa Akbar – the duo known as Nappy Riddem – have conjured up a blend of Hip Hop, Reggae, Funk and Soul that traverses the sonic boom of the African Diaspora. Having both performed and toured with Thunderball and Fort Knox Five, these guys know how to light up a crowd and keep a solid message running through their music.

“Givin’ you what you don’t got. The replacement to Post-Pop. Straight from DC to your block!”

For their debut album the sounds and rhythms of North America, South America and the Caribbean are passionately twisted with pounding dancefloor beats, snarling guitars, hooky horns and simmering percussion. Nappy Riddem slyly mixes themes of glob- al unity on “One World Sovereignty,” to street-smart warnings on “Devil Needs a Bodyguard” and even sizzlin’ sex talk on “Angle It.” This album covers it all.

Joining forces with Rex and Mustafa are musical collaborator and bassist Ashish Vyas of the Thievery Corporation live band and DC hip-hop legend, Asheru, well known as the voice of the “Boondocks” theme song. These men bring their diverse talents to bear on the album, adding musical depth and lyrical complexity.
In the tradition of the great Robert Nesta Marley, Nappy Riddem has put together a fiery album of liberation music laced with dancefloor anthems that seeks to ultimately unite the peoples of the world in spirit and music.

“I am trying to find my way home, I don’t know which way to go. Somebody please help me, help me to become free. Where is the unity? One World Sovereignty.”

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Buy the CD – $10.00 | Buy the Digital Album – $10.00

Get One World Sovereignty on iTunes » | Get WAV files on Beatport »


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